Worker’s Compensation Investigations

Development of a complete background profile of the claimant. Includes investigation of the circumstances surrounding the accident, along with the claimant’s previous work history and claim history.



  • Insurance companies usually LOSE money by proving applicant fraud.
  • There is no incentive for the insurance company to prove fraud, if they do they LOSE money.
  • The primary pressure on overworked claims adjusters is to avoid penalties, no catch fraud.
  • The vast majority of workers’ compensation claims are legitimate. Most injured workers just want appropriate medical treatment and compensation for lost wages, until they can return to work.
  • While some workers might fake an injury just to get a few days off, fraudulent claims usually involve upwards of 120 days off work and significant lump-sum settlements.

Unfortunately, fraud has become a widespread problem in the insurance industry generally and especially in the workers’ compensation insurance industry. One of the ways the industry has made some inroads in combating fraud is through the use of sub-rosa investigations. If you are conducting an AOE/COE investigation (that is, an Arising Out of Employment/Course Of Employment investigation) in connection with a workers’ comp claim, Equalizer PI, Inc. can assist with a critical aspect of the investigation you may wish to outsource: surveillance.

In the course of an AOE/COE investigation — when witness interviews, doctors’ reports, and other evidence point toward possible fraud by the claimant — it is essential that prompt efforts are made to document that fraud.

That’s where Equalizer PI, Inc. comes in.

Utilizing standard investigative and surveillance techniques, we can track the movements of an individual and document his or her activities — all without his or her knowledge. Frequently, these activities can be captured in still photographs and/or video.

At the conclusion of our surveillance, we will document our findings in an Investigative Report and turn over any photographic evidence for use in wrapping up the claims process.

As always, at the end of our investigation you will receive an Investigative Report with the details of our findings.

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