Accident Investigations

Outsourcing your accident investigation, can save you (or your client) time, money, and frustration. To uncover exactly what happened, we can review police accident reports and other reports, examine the scene, inspect vehicles, obtain interviews, take photographs, and draw diagrams.

In addition, we can take extra steps to ensure that the investigation is thorough, such as finding witnesses and debriefing them, locating hidden and/or unidentified witnesses, checking the background of parties to the accident, and obtaining signed statements.

At the conclusion of our investigation, you will receive a full Investigative Report , detailing our findings. If



Necessary, the investigator will be available to testify about these findings in deposition, arbitration, or court. Why go to the tremendous expenditure of an “accident reconstruction expert” when a straightforward (but comprehensive) accident investigation is often enough to obtain a successful conclusion to your case?

As always, at the end of our investigation you will receive an Investigative Report with the details of our findings.

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